The 2017 WrOpenUp gala

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The teams from High School No. 5 and Middle School No. 34 are the winners of the third edition of the WrOpenUp competition.  The WrOpenUP gala took place in the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema where the contestants from 18 schools faced the challenge of presenting their achievements on the big screen.  We are glad to report that they have all handled the task very well.
The students presented the audience and the jury with a short presentation devoted to the events that took place during the Diversity Day they have organized in their schools. Putting the Diversity Day together was the main task of the competition. The jury judged the teams based on the work they have put into the organization of the event itself as well as on the presentation of their achievements. The jury was composed of managers who are employees of global companies as well as representatives of the local government. Over 200 students and 70 trainers and experts from Credit Suisse, Google, HP, HPE, IBM, UBS, NOKIA and Volvo took part in this edition of the competition. Our volunteers came up with the idea, the script and the exercise books and subsequently, they have carried out the three workshops devoted to:
Intercultural competence
Project management
Presentation skills
The skills that our volunteers shared with the participants in this edition are considered to be ‘the skills of the future’,  the skills valued the most by the current and future labor market according to the Future Work Skills 2020
The winning presentation prepared by the team from High School No. 5 was a real performance. The students talked about the steps that were taken to prepare for the project as well as the division of work, which was presented by means of compelling and amusing pantomime using props and costumes. They have certainly managed to catch the attention of the audience while sticking to the given presentation time.  The diversity aspect was presented as the diversity of subcultures within one school and the Diversity Day itself was organized in the form of theatrical event.  
Our second winners from Middle School No. 34 focused on age diversity. The strongest point of their project was promotion – the students managed to involve kindergarten students as well as seniors from their neighborhood- Nowy Dwór. They have decided to focus on building openness towards the people that surround us- our neighbors. They have managed to create a joyful event that brought together a substantial number of people from their neighborhood.
The awarded teams are going to take part in an educational expedition that will be devoted to workshops on self-development and leadership. The workshops will take place in October and November and will last a couple of days.
We are proud of all the teams that took part in the competition. We are in awe of their competence and creativity. Preparation of the presentation intended for the big screen as well as the organization of the event that will engage the whole school is quite a challenge. Congratulations to the winners!

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