The third edition of the WrOpenUp competition came to an end

wyświetleń: 1984

Eighteen teams from Wrocław’s high and middle schools took part in this installment of the WrOpenUp competition. To create the workshops and coordinate other events we have co-operated with over 70 volunteers from Poland as well as abroad. All of our volunteers are highly qualified specialists from Credit Suisse, Google, HP, HPE, IBM, UBS, NOKIA and Volvo.
Together we have conducted three workshops for over 230 students. The workshops were designed to develop practical skills, which were named ‘the skills of the future’ by the Future Work Skills 2020. These skills will become especially valued in the labor market in the next few years. They include the ability to co-operate within international as well as digital teams, digital competence, interdisciplinary skills, social intelligence etc.  Our volunteers shared their vast experience on the aforementioned subjects with the students. All three workshops were consulted from the methodological point of view and adjusted accordingly to the skills and experience of the participating teenagers.
Within this edition, in partnership with Human Factor, we have also conducted the Diversity Icebreakers workshops intended for teachers and representatives of the local government.
The teams taking part in the competition were assessed based on the skill with which they have managed to organize and execute the Diversity Day in their respective schools, as well as on the presentation of their achievements. The jury was composed of managers, representatives of the companies taking part in the project as well as representatives of the local government. The prize for winning the competition is an educational expedition, organized in cooperation with InQuest. Students will continue to develop their skills including teamwork and leadership skills.

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