About us

Without them WrOpenUp would not be what it is today

The aim of the WrOpenUp project is to educate socially conscious leaders, who multiply values and respect diversity, understand the benefits of openness, and promote it in their communities.  WroOpenUp foundation is the initiator and originator of the campaign. However, the entire project is a result of an inter-sectoral communication.

WrOpenUp is an educational program for youth conducted by the WrOpenUp foundation in cooperation with the Municipality of Wrocław, Credit Suisse, Google, HP, HPE, IBM, UBS, NOKIA, and Volvo.

Who we are

We are volunteers from 37 countries. We care about Wrocław and we want it to be an open city. Diversity is our main value.

What we do

We educate leaders who respect diversity, understand the benefits of openness , and promote it in their own communities.


We are certain that learning from experience, which is not based on lectures and thick textbooks can be fascinating and very effective.