Who we are

Without them WrOpenUp would not be what it is today

We are volunteers from 37 countries. We care about Wrocław and we want it to be an open city. Diversity is our main value.

We are a  team of people who want Wrocław to be an open city. Since 2012 we have been sharing our passion and skills with the students and teachers from schools located in Wrocław.

Our main value is diversity. We are of different nationalities, ages and professions. We have decided to use that to our advantage and that’s how WrOpenUp project was born.

It is an inter-sectoral project, which involves three sectors: private (businesses-organizations, which employ our volunteers and provide us with support), non-governmental (WrOpenUp Foundation and other cooperating organizations such as SIETAR), and public (local authorities- we are supported by the Municipality of Wrocław, we also cooperate with the Wrocław Center for Social Development).