What do we do?

We promote openness to and respect for diversity

We educate in the competence of the future, which very soon are going to become especially valuable on the job market, due to the very quick changes, which are taking place right now.

We organize recurrent workshops for schools. The workshops are conducted by a team of international volunteers. 

We understand that the ever changing world forces young people to face more and more challenges that is why we want to share our experience with them, to help them be better equipped to meet these challenges.

We are sure that learning by experience, not based on lectures and thick textbooks can be fascinating and very effective.

We educate leaders who respect diversity, understand the benefits of openness , and promote it in their communities.

We would like for the participants of the events organized by the WrOpenUp to get involved in social causes,  that is why we help them to develop their skills and become better leaders. We show young people that every person can take matters into their own hands and change the world for the better, make it more friendly and open.

The cross-cultural competence workshop is our most important one but we have also developed materials, which allow, in a  way that is accessible and attractive to teenagers, master such skills as: project management, responsible leadership, presentation skills and list is growing.

Contests for students. With the help of our partners we have conducted four editions of contests for students from Wroclaw. The contests were accompanied by workshops, art and media events. Taking part in  each edition of the contest requires openness, knowledge about culture, empathy, creativity and ability to work as a team.

The winning team is invited to take part in an educational trip- to close and a more faraway parts of Poland, Europe and beyond. The trips are organized for the purpose of allowing the winning team to experience and learn even more.