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New edition WrOpenUp Future Leaders!

Cross-cultural competence – 05.11.2022
The workshop serves to shape or strengthen the attitude of openness towards cultural diversity, develop cultural sensitivity,  and indicate ways to use the potential of diversity creatively. In addition, workshops educate  an empathetic and conscious attitude towards any diversity, also in terms of the level of  fitness, social status, age, etc.

Project Management –  03.12.2022
– How to plan a project which is both creative and doable?
– Who makes decisions concerning the project? What to do when suddenly we lack a team member?
– Is all lost if a week before completing the project we realize that we forgot about something?
– How to carry out the project so it is in line with expectations?-

Design thinking for kids – 21.01.2023
The aim of the workshop is to develop critical thinking skills. It teaches how  to recognise, analyse, and evaluate arguments to make decisions, recognise mistakes in arguments, and verify the information to engage in conversation and action constructively. At this  stage, participants must choose the goal they want to support to understand better how to  use the new competencies. 

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