How do we act

How do we educate young people?

We educate in the competence of the future, which very soon are going to become especially valuable on the job market, due to the very quick changes, which are taking place right now.

We organize recurrent workshops for schools. The workshops are conducted by a team of international volunteers. 

The cross-cultural competence workshop is our most important one but we have also developed materials, which allow in a an accessible and attractive to teenagers manner master such skills as: 

  • project management
  • responsible leadership
  • presentation skills.

We educate leaders who respect diversity, understand the benefits of openness , and promote it in their own communities. We would like for the participants of the events organized by WrOpenUp to get involved in social causes, that is why we help them to develop their skills and become better leaders. We show young people that every person can take matters into their own hands and change the world for the better, make it more friendly and open.

Articles created in recent years that are describing what WrOpenUp does:

The following conferences were attended by the WrOpenUp representatives:

  • Towards inclusive cities- cultural openness as a common challenge for businesses, local authorities and local communities – presentation at the conference featuring the Presidents of Polish Cities-Towards unified Europe, 15 years of integration, 15 years of the accelerated development of cities, think tank Future is now (Przyszłość Jest Teraz), Gdańsk March 8, 2019
  • Intercultural Competence: A Key for Inclusive Organizations and Society. International Congress of SIETAR, Malaga, Hiszpania, Wrzesień 28-29, 2018
  • Diversity as a value – conference paper at the Zawartość Conference(Contents Conference), SWPS University
  • Diversity as a value. What can teenagers learn from business – conference paper at the 4th Intercultural Education Fair, Wrocław 7th of March 2018
  • Intercultural competence as corporate social responsibility –conference paper at the Working Better Globally, Conference on Intercultural Competence, 28-29th of September 2017, Barcelona, Spain; organized by: Intercultures
  • Model of cross-sectoral cooperation in the social responsibility project. WrOpenUp case study, scientific conference, Social responsibility of business- from the perspective of management and economy, Department of Human Capital Management, Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of the University of Szczecin, 9th of June 2017
  • Cross cultural competence – the key to today’s globalized world, a member of the steering committee of the 4th International SIETAR Congress Poland, Wrocław 2016