WrOpenUp for teachers

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Why is it worth getting involved in WrOpenUp?

WrOpenUp is a project co-created by many communities, including teachers. We aim at responding to the actual needs the students and teachers may have, to provide them with valuable materials, inspire, develop and teach, but also to make sure that they have a lot of fun. 

We are trying to take into consideration all of your suggestions and comments.  If you decide to get involved in our project you automatically become its co-creators. 

If you sign up your students for the workshops or if you decide to become the guardian of the team taking part in the contest you may have a real influence on the contest itself. You take part in events organized by WrOpenUp and workshops for teachers. Depending on the individual attitude and needs of the students you can create a team of students and work together on the contest task or just oversee the work of the teenagers/students.

The teachers who take part in the WrOpenUp are satisfied with the cooperation, many come back for new editions and that makes us very happy! 

Schools prepare the students for occupations, which do not yet exist. It is very probable that in the nearest future some of the job positions may disappear and will be replaced by others. Future Work Skills are the skills that are supposed to help young people in functioning on the job market, globalised and based on modern technological solutions. 

The experts enumerate the most important factors of change (e.g the development of technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, increase in longevity, access to the vast amount of data, and globalization).  The majority of them believe that the job market will require very specific competences.

While designing the WrOpenUp workshops we make sure to utilise the experience of people who work in organizations characterized by dynamic growth and to  support their further development.



I want to thank you very much!!! For me, privately and personally, it was a very inspiring and development-inducing experience. It jump-started other activities, some changes in my way of thinking, and organizing some matters. Teenagers constantly go back to the workshops, refer to the information they have acquired, and mention the people they met….to sum it up: you have sown the seeds, which are sprouting and blooming again and again, sometimes very unexpectedly.