WrOpenUp for buisness

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The statement ‘the only responsibility of a business is to multiply the profits’, was replaced at the beginning of the XXI century with the rule ‘the only responsibility of a business is to create values’.

It means that nowadays, businesses go beyond calculating revenue and focus on building organizational values for their stakeholders – including the employees. One of the ways to create values is through cross-cultural cooperation. WrOpenUp gives companies an opportunity for such cooperation.

The employees of international corporations located in Wrocław are the core of this cooperation. WrOpenUp gives them a chance to develop, be involved in important initiatives, integrate with the inhabitants of the city, and opportunity to share their skills and experience with the students from schools located around Wrocław to assist them in developing the competencies of the future.


What does it mean to be socially responsible?

To be responsible is to invest in human resources, environmental protection, relationships with the business environment and to inform about the aforementioned activities. Sustainable development and Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) becomes a commitment to stakeholders that is shareholders, business partners, clients, local community, employees, and public administration.


  • gain necessary competency
  • support 
  • development
  • receives professional guidance, expert knowledge, which on one hand is an inspiration to introduce changes, and on the other, it has an influence on the professionalization of the past activities.


  • get the chance to utilise their skills for other purposes, which in turn teaches them how to apply creative thinking in their day to day job
  • learn new skills
  • build a network of contacts
  • improve their interpersonal and didactic skills
  • become better trainers
  • have a sense of a growing influence
  • the level of satisfaction in growing

The skills of the employees, which improve thanks to the volunteer program:

  • leadership – 83%
  • Interpersonal communication – 78%
  • financial management – 73%
  • patience – 69%
  • problem-solving-  62%.

Taking part in volunteer projects may be the catalyst for innovation. Thanks to the change of environment and conditions the employee starts to appreciate his work more, takes a break from the day-to-day routine. It may also reinforce the sense of responsibility for the job at hand and other people.

The benefits for the business:

  • development of skills and competences of the employees
  • Learn about new ways of developing competences of the employees (the skill to coordinate a project work in a team, communicate, report on the effectiveness of the undertaken actions)
  • creating deeper relationships with the social environment 
  • acquiring new business partners
  • the source of innovation
  • support for the motivation system and counteracting burnout 
  • change in the way the employees perceive the company 
  • reinforcing the emotional bonds between the employee and the company
  • retention and easier acquisition of valuable employees, recognizing leadership skills and organizational skills among the current employees
  • Gaining the trust of the local community, conflict-free functioning of the company within its environment 
  • building client loyalty